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Welcome to www.buybackSmartPhones.com.au. This page describes the terms and conditions you have to comply with if you want to use our website, whether as a registered customer or as a guest. By visiting this website or availing our services, you automatically give your consent to abide by these terms and conditions. Please read these terms carefully before you start using this site.


1. Information about Us


www.buybackSmartPhones.com.au belongs to Achieve Global Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., which is a registered second-hand dealer License: SHD-0016264 in Australia. We are registered in Australia under Australian Company Number (ACN) 626 269 387 and have our registered office at Melbourne.


2. Accessing Our Site


2.1. Your access to our site will be permitted on a temporary basis. We reserve every right to modify or withdraw the service that we provide on our site, without any prior notice. We cannot be held liable for the inaccessibility of our site, at any time.


2.2. We may at times restrict access to certain parts or our entire site, even if you are registered with us as a customer.


2.3. Any information provided to you, including your user identification code and password, will have to be treated as confidential by you and should not be disclosed to any third parties. You will be solely responsible for any loss or damage that you may suffer due to misuse or unauthorized use of such information. We retain the right to disable any user accounts at any point of time (with or without your consent) if we feel you have failed to abide by any of the terms and conditions mentioned herein.


2.4. This website can be used by you for lawful purposes only.


2.5. We may terminate your use of this website if we come across:


  1. Any breach of applicable law or regulation, whether local, national, or international.

  2. Any unlawful or fraudulent practice that leads to an unlawful or fraudulent result

  3. Any use of this website to harm or attempt to harm any minors

  4. Any activities such as sending, receiving, uploading, downloading, using, or reusing any of the material of this website, which is against our content standards

  5. Any transmission or procurement of any unauthorized or unsolicited advertising or promotional material of any form.


2.6. By using this website, you agree:


  1. Not to copy, duplicate, reproduce or re-sell any part of this site for any purpose that is not according to these terms and conditions.

  2. Not to access, interfere with, or damage any part of our site, equipment, network, or software without authorization. You will be responsible to ensure that all people who access this website through your internet connection are made aware of these terms and agree to abide by them.


3. Intellectual Property Rights


3.1. We are the sole owners/licensees of all the intellectual property rights and material published on our site. We reserve the rights for these works that are protected by copyright laws and treaties across the world.


3.2. Extracts of the pages from our site may be downloaded or printed for personal reference only.


3.3. Any modification of the material you have printed or downloaded from our website is strictly prohibited. By using this website, you agree not to use any of the photographs, illustrations, audio files, video files, or graphics of this site, separately from their accompanying text.


3.4. You agree to acknowledge the status of the authors of materials on this site, whether it is us or any of our identified contributors.


3.5. You may not use any of the materials (either in total or in part) of our site for purposes other than the personal reference. Any use of such material for commercial purposes requires the obtaining of license from us or our licensors.


3.6. In case you have printed, copied or downloaded any part of our site against these terms of use, you will immediately lose the right to use our site and will be required to return or destroy any copies of such material you may have made.


4. Accuracy of Information Posted


We do not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information or materials posted on this site. We cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage caused by relying on such information or materials.


5. Changes to Our Site


In the process of updating our site regularly, we may change any of the content, at any point of time. If need be, we may even suspend the access to our site, indefinitely. We try our best to maintain the accuracy of the information published on our site, at all times. In case there are any errors, we will correct the same as soon as reasonably possible.


6. Our Liability


We, the members of our group, or any of the third parties connected to us, cannot be held liable or responsible for:


  1. Any of the conditions, warranties, or terms that may be implied by common law, statute, or law of equity.

  2. Any loss or damage incurred by any user, whether directly, indirectly, or consequentially in connection with the use or inability to use of our site or any of the websites linked to it. Such loss or damage may include loss of income, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data, or loss or damage of any other kind that may be the result of negligence of these terms or breach of contract.


Our liability will be limited to death or personal injury of anyone arising from our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation on our part, pertaining to a fundamental matter, or any other thing that cannot be excluded under the applicable law.


7. Linking To Our Site


7.1. Linking to our home page is considered lawful as long as it doesn’t cause any damage to our reputation or you stand to gain something from it. You may not establish the link to suggest any kind of association, approval, or endorsement on our part, unless it is true.


7.2. You cannot establish a link to our website if the website is not owned by you.


7.3. You may not frame our site on any other site or create links to any other pages of our site other than the home page. If such links are found, we reserve the right to withdraw the linking permission without any prior notice.


8. Links from Our Site


The links to other sites and resources contained on our site are provided for your information only. We do not own the content of those sites and cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that might arise from your use of those sites.


9. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law


The terms of use mentioned in this agreement are governed by the Australian Law. Any claim arising from or related to the visit of our site comes under the jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria Australia. Nevertheless, we also retain the right to bring the proceedings against you in your country of residence, in case there is any breach of any of the terms mentioned in this agreement.


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